Friday, September 25, 2015


...and at just the right moment, as my finger pressed down freezing the view, he flew in, blurred wings, flight in motion, flared tail speed reduction and a boat called, "God's Blessing."

It was all too perfect. "God's Blessing." This old fishing boat that didn't appear to be much by today's standards of bigger, better, newer...provided a living, food; valuable in sustaining. 

I'm thankful for the reminder that The LORD'S Blessings, the very things HE'S given us are exactly what we need, *valuable in sustaining*...financially/physically/emotionally. HE'S Blessed each one of us, but all too often we're sitting in a place of discontentment, wanting, coveting, complaining...unable/unwilling/forgetting to focus on all we *do* have.

Today friends, pause, look around. Look at all that The LORD *has* Blessed you with. Take a moment to be grateful and Thank HIM. This small act will transform your day!

"For GOD so loved the world that HE gave HIS only begotten SON, that whoever believes in HIM should not perish but have everlasting life."~John 3:16

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