Monday, March 3, 2014


"I'm with them!" he quickly shouted. "He's not with us!" I shot back as the lady let us in and stopped the man and his girlfriend behind us.

Before I'd left in the morning I quickly prayed for patience, love and to be an example of Christ in a very hectic environment...a clothing store $1.00 sale. In my hurried state...I read scriptures, my mind wandering as I glanced at the clock, not wanting to be too late. I was reading but not truly getting filled up... preoccupation flooded my focus. Heading out I was left vulnerable...not truly ready for the day ahead and very quickly there I was for all to mouth on display. A lifetime battle that rears its ugly head just when I begin to feel I've almost conquered this hurdle.

I'd arrived 15 minutes later than I said I would. I happily walked up to my friends who were already in line, cutting in with a cheerful smile, "I made it." The man and girl behind them didn't say a word as several other friends arrived to pile in front of them also. The line was long and I was grateful my friends were there on time. The doors opened and people piled in, running to the tables. As our group got to the front they let two of the girls in and then stopped the rest of us. The lady realized we were all together and said, "Oh, you're with them?"

*Flashback to the man saying he's also with us. After my reply, one of the girls with us looked at me and said, "That was mean."

Ugh. What happened? Where was my Christ like nature? I mean really, let's be honest, I cut in front of them and if I hadn't they'd already be in.

I was bothered at me! What kind of example was I setting? I was more worried our group would be too big with them included and we wouldn't be let in. Is that how I'm supposed to first? I deserve to get in before you? Is that how Christ wants me to be?

I fall short. My old nature creeps in and slaps me in the head. I have work to do. I need more of Jesus and less of me. The only way this is possible is by spending quality time with Him daily. Food for my soul; pulling out the weeds, (my old nature) that threatens to overtake, overgrow...develop roots. My nature is selfish, looking to get, have and keep the best for me; me first - others last.

It's in these moments, times of less than I want to be that I'm thankful Jesus is always there. He's showing me, a bright neon light flashing in the darkness, the areas I need to pray about. He brings attention to my shortcomings, not to defeat me, but to help me rise above it; to pray more in that area of personal weakness. Read the Word more on the subject. Truth. More Light to drown out the darkness.

What areas do you struggle with? Thank the Lord for highlighting them for you. It's an opportunity to allow Him to pull up roots of lies, deception, wickedness, shame, anger and regret. Replacing it with truth, wisdom, goodness, honor, strength, faith, peace and love.

Today, thank the Lord for loving you enough to show you areas in your life that need HIS help. Let His light shine in and through you as He fills you to overflowing with Jesus' incredible love.

"Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.” John 8:12

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