Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Seek Me

"Seek me with all your might, mind and strength. For my way is easy and my burden is light. You have been ever seeing but not perceiving, ever hearing but not understanding. My way is easy and my burden is light, when you seek me with all your heart."

"My sacrifice was given for your freedom. No longer are you to carry your burdens alone. Lay them at my feet and I will remove them from you. Give up your worries and I will take them from your mind. You will no longer carry the things that you've labored with. They are no longer a part of you. I have set the captive free. I am freeing you up to go and do my work. To share my light with the entire world. To set the captives free. To share my love with the world. To show them that they no longer need to depend on their own strength, for I will carry them."

"I will guide their way and keep the enemy at bay. He will no longer be able to control you with his lies. My power and strength is beyond your understanding. I ask you to come to me daily in prayer and I will hear and answer you. I will take in your words and reign blessings down upon you for your faithfulness. I am here, waiting for you to know me, to ask for my wisdom and understanding. Seek me daily and you will find me. My burden is easy. I'm coming soon to set the captives free."

"Trust, seek and get to know me while I still may be found. I am your Lord & Savior, I have come to set you free. Release the burdens on me. I have paid a price for your sins, I have given my blood so that you may walk in newness of life."

"Why are you not taking my gift? It is easy to receive, just believe in me, repent and ask for the Holy Spirit to fill you up each day. Why do you make it so hard? Why do you continue to doubt. Let go! Let go! Let go! I am here to catch you. Release all your worldly desires and seek me, you will find me when you seek me with all your heart. I am here, I am waiting. My love for you is endless, you can't begin to understand it!"


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