Thursday, September 6, 2018


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I thought today was all about exploring “Pirate Cave” (a beach cave I’ve never been to)...but GOD had something else planned or should I say *someone* HE was going to place along my path.
I’d just finished exploring the amazing cave.
As I arrived at the main beach, I noticed a homeless man sitting by the cliff.  I sat down in the sand close to the water and decided to pray over him while taking in the scenery. Suddenly the thought came over me...go tell him, “JESUS Loves you.”
I didn’t really feel like it as I glanced over my shoulder at him. I decided to just pray for him a bit more. When I opened my eyes I noticed a small dead (minnow) fish just to my right.
And the verse, “I will make you fishers of men,” immediately came to mind, along with the fact that this fish was lifeless, just how I felt inside before allowing JESUS into my heart and life.
The next thing I knew, “Jeff”, (the homeless man) was at the water’s edge. On his way back he stopped to talk to me (it didn’t escape my notice that because I didn’t go to him...God brought him right to me.)
We chatted for a bit, and then while saying our goodbyes, I told him, “I need to tell you something Jeff.”
“While you were sitting up there, The LORD put it on my heart to remind you that JESUS Loves you.”
He stopped and looked directly at me.
Then said, “I know HE does, but sometimes I forget and start to lose faith when life gets hard and I feel so alone.”
I asked if I could pray for him.
He said, “We can pray together,” as he faced me and took both my hands in his, bowing his head, waiting for me to begin.
Today, I went to explore a cave, but I’m thankful The LORD had something better in mind. One of HIS hurting, broken “children”, needed the “Life-Restoring Love of JESUS CHRIST. I needed to be reminded of my true purpose each day, to go where The LORD Leads, listen to HIS promptings upon my heart, be HIS Hands and Feet no matter where I am or what I am doing.
King and Kingdom focused.
Friends, let’s remember to be on the lookout for our *true purpose* each day...people in need of JESUS’ Life-Giving, Life-Saving Love.
Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”~Matthew 4:19
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