Friday, March 5, 2010

I Need Help

The last few trips I've made to the store I've run across two separate elderly ladies struggling to reach an item on the top shelf at a grocery store. The item seemed to be just out of their grasp.

Standing on their tippy toes, wiggling their fingers, trying to scoot it towards the edge to catch it as it tumbled off the shelf, to no avail. They couldn't quite reach it with their fingers.

I turned the corner, wheeled my basket to the side and walked over to them.

"Would you like me to get that for you?"

"Oh yes dear, please."

I'm not extremely tall but being 5'7 and wearing heels puts me at just the right height advantage to help these struggling ladies.

I reached up, grasped the item easily and handed it to the grinning, little ladies.

Each one thanked me & proceeded to let me know how delicious the product was and that's the reason why it was so important that they get it...even if it was out of their reach.

How many times do we want things that seem out of our grasp. Hopes and dreams that we have put on the back burner for years because it doesn't seem attainable?

I find myself reaching out for my dream, only to shrink back in doubt when it seems to high.

What these ladies were unaware of was the fact that someone was just about to turn the corner. Someone who was able to help them "reach" the thing that they wanted. Someone who had an advantage.

As you reach out to pursue your hopes and dreams, before you give up...ask the Lord to help you. He has put the desire in your heart, He will help you achieve it. He has an advantage...He sees things that we cannot. He answers even your simplest prayers. He is standing right behind you, ready to help.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13


  1. I love the comparisons you create! It's so true and thank you for the reminder to ask the Lord for help. :o)

  2. Thank you Kimmy...have a great weekend!

  3. It takes daily scripture reading & praying to try and become more Christ like. To live the Great Commission of Love.

  4. Dear Lisa I would say that personally, although I am a Christian, I try hard to be a useful and kind person in my life rather than simply a good Christian... Don't take me wrong, but I cannot accept the crazyness of the world, which in the name of... (anything) they make so many crimes...

  5. I try to help people whenever I can. i love helping the elderly as I know that one day, I shall be there myself.